Graphology is the study of character and personality through the analysis of penstroke formations used in handwriting. In simple language it is said to be a handwriting analysis. It can be used to find out what people are really in themselves; it helps people to cope with their hurts and to reveal what people can’t: how they really feel, think and behave. In other words the study of graphology shows what one feels about oneself, about the people around him/her, about his/her environment, and about one’s life. Hence, it is said that THE HANDWRITING IS THE MIRROR OF YOUR SOUL. It is non-verbal, non-articulate and non-threatening; it is basically a self-discovery.

It can help to change one’s life: Just as one’s thoughts and feelings can affect the way one forms one’s handwriting, the way one forms one’s handwriting can change one’s thoughts and feelings. Graphotherapy can be used to effect character and personality changes in anyone who can write.


The participants learnt in this course HANDWRITING AS “BRAIN PRINTS”. They had an in-depth study and analysis of handwriting traits based on slant, baselines, margins, spacing, pressure, size, speed, pastocity, club strokes and connecting strokes and signature, which reveal about the past, present and future character, personality and orientation of the person as well as the private and public self-image of the person. The method used was exercises and lectures.


The participants were extremely happy about the course conducted by Rev.Dr.V.Sebastian as the Resource Person. They discovered themselves and were reaffirmed of their character and personality. They realized the shadow of their life and the areas to improve in the handwriting to improve their personality. They expressed gratitude to the Resource Person for his intelligible, methodical way of teaching and guiding them. Thus, the course started on January 10 and ended on January 16 with a happy note. They were happy about the family spirit prevalent in Nav Sadhana and expressed gratitude to the Director and staff for their cordiality and hospitality.

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