CHRISTOLOGY FOR NOVICES February 21-27, 2017

“The seven days (February 21-27, 2017) spent at Nav Sadhana to study Christology along with other congregational novices were enlightening, enriching, enhancing, encouraging, empowering, effective, inspiring, interesting, insightful, motivating, meaningful, relevant, challenging and lively; The sessions were graspable, practical, interactive and awakening to be more prophetic and committed”, said Novice Sunita Tamang, SJC.  The novices realized the importance of unity and solidarity with the poor like the Lord Jesus to make their commitment meaningful and relevant. The topics dealt were Notion of Christology, New Testament Christology, Abba Experience of Jesus, Church and the Kingdom of God, Development of Christology in the Church, Indian Christology, Various approaches to Christology and Following Jesus’ Mission and Various Challenges in the Modern Society. The resource person was Rev.Fr.Leo Sequeira, Grass Root Social Worker, Thinker and Theologian from the Diocese of Allahabad. His approach has been simple, experiential, practical and contextual. It was well appreciated by all the novices, who came from eight novitiates of Uttar Pradesh and Darjeeling. They enjoyed their stay in the green, clean and serene campus.


Novices experienced joy and delight in meeting their companions, friends of other novitiates and expressed a sense of satisfaction and gratitude to the Director and staff for their cordiality, hospitality, fellowship, friendship, amity and comity.

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