The Teachers of 17 schools working in the diocese of Varanasi came together at Nav Sadhana Regional Pastoral Centre, Varanasi on April 21, 2017. The purpose of the training of the teachers was to make them more effective in communication skills in the class room, emotionally balanced in dealing with them, especially to the children, who are open, disposed, flexible, pliable, and who learn more from observing rather than listening. The theme was TEACHERS AS THE TRANSFORMATIONAL LEADERS. The Resource Person was Prof. Dr. Marion Mathew, CJ, Head of the Education Department of SHUATS, Allahabad. At the start she posed a question: What is the heart of education? It is the EDUCATION OF THE HEART. What is the human Being? The answer is BECOMING HUMN EVERYDAY. She enumerated the qualities of the Transformational Leaders such as encouraging team members, high energy to work, determined to make a difference from dawn to dusk, communicating gently and firmly, inspiring, motivating, persevering, persisting person as well as visionary. She is a competent Teacher Trainer in various levels of teaching. She further dealt with them the following topics: English for Classroom Communication, Emotional Quotient, Listening and Doing, Speaking, Soft Skills, Class Room Management, etc. The training was concluded on April 22 at 4.00 p.m. The method was audio-visual, lecturing and workshop, etc. They were quite happy about the training. The training was initiated by Rev. Fr. C.Thomas, Executive Secretary of the Varanasi Diocesan Education Society under the guidance of Most Rev. Eugene Joseph, Bishop of Varanasi. The participants were very grateful to the Director and staff of Nav Sadhana for their joyous hospitality and blissful stay free from the family woes and worries.

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