Hindustani Music, Tabla& HarmoniumAnd Bharatnatyam& Folk Dance Course – May 16-June 10

The summer course of music and dance was organized at Navsadhana. The resource persons for Tabla were Mr. Rakesh and Ms. Lakshmi Gupta. The Resource personsfor Harmonium were Mr. B.P. Tiwari Sr. Laetitia and OlampianToppo.
The chief guest for June 02nd was Rev. Fr. Roque, He is known for his love of nature, music and Hindi language, He appreciated the children for having sacrificed their holidays to develop their innate talents and abilities.
Bharatanatyam summer course began on May 16, 1017. The participants were from all over north Indian states such as Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Harayana,Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa and Uttar Pradesh. The resource persons for Bharatnatayam were Ms. Damii, Ms. Nomita, Ms. Priyanka, Ms. Shikha, Ms. Regina, Ms. Sareena. Ms. Tanvi, Ms. Nidhi, Ms. Mamta, Ms. Purnamaya, Ms. Karishma, Ms. Savi.

The classes came to the culmination with the DikshanthSamaroh onJune 09, 2017. The director welcomed the chief guest, Rev. Fr. C. Thomas and the august audience. All were spellbound to see the enthralling performance of the students. The Chief Guest stated that he was surprised to see the children performing so well. He congratulated the teachers who within a short period of time helped the students to learn and perform with perfection.

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