Hindi language Course for missionaries in North India – June 05-28

The objective of the Hindi Language Course is to help missionaries working in North India to learn to communicate in Hindi, which is the spoken and written language of 80 per cent people, and to learn culture, custom and religious practices of the people. It helps the missionaries to integrate with the people, lest they will be considered alien to the land.

The course began on June 6, 2015 at 6.30 p.m. with the inaugural session in the Nav Sanchar Hall. Later the participants were divided into two groups based on their knowledge of Hindi language: A-Advanced Group and B-Beginners of Basic Hindi Group. Advanced group was guided and taught by Mr. Simon Peter; Basic Hindi Group was guided and taught by Sr. Laetitia, SRA and Dr. Fr. V. Sebastian, who have experience in teaching Hindi to the beginners starting with the Alphabet.


The course came to an end with a programme in the eve of June 27, 2015, for which Rev. Fr. Benedict D’Souza, MSFS was the chief guest, who inspired and motivated them to continue to learn to reach perfection and proficient in language. The participants had appreciation and esteem to the teachers as they were kind, considerate, gentle, patient and perseverant, diligent, approachable, helpful, paternal and maternal in their dealing with all. They articulated that they the director and staff of Nav Sadhana were amiable, amicable, friendly, cordial, approachable, affectionate and concerned with everyone’s  welfare. They appreciated the homely atmosphere, spacious accommodation, tasty food, prayerful milieu. All returned with delight to their residence and with lots of happy memories of friends. They came as strangers and returned as camaraderie

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