Four days of In-Service programme for the teachers of the Diocese of Varanasi was conducted at Nav Sadhna, the Regional Pastoral Centre from 5th April to 8th April 2018. In these four days every teacher from the English Medium School got an opportunity to attend a full day Programme to reflect and equip oneself to be an effective Teacher.   The resource person for the programme was Prof. Fr. Dr. Paul Pudussery, a renowned C.S.C priest from Agarthala. The main focus of the programme was RE-IMAGINING EDUCATION FOR THE 21ST CENTURY.

He, in his presentation  emphasized on transforming school environment into a learning environment in which the teachers have to be learners, leaders, collaborators, designers, facilitators, and analysts. He appealed the teachers to imbibe those skills which help them cope up with stress as well as with emotions of the students. In order to promote the conceptual changes we must

  • Identify the existing misconceptions.
  • Convince the students.
  • Respect their self- esteem.
  • Continue to monitor them.

For doing so, teachers should certainly know what has motivated them to take up the teaching profession. The four day workshop was well attended by the teachers from 16 schools from eight districts. They were all together 807 in number. The teachers stated that the workshop was innovative, enlightening and challenging. The interactive session left a great impact on teachers and directed them to see the teaching-learning process in a dynamic way.


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