April 18-20, 2018: Training Programme for School Catechism

A Seminar on Creative ways of communicating & deepening of faith was conducted from 18-20 April 2018. On the first day during the first session, Fr. Gilbert Choondal, SDB, raised the question ‘What is Catechesis” and asked the 83 participants to share their understanding of catechesis. He then explained the etymology of the word catechesis and said that it is the ‘Resounding’ or ‘Echoing’ of the truth fully revealed in Christ. He further clarified the various terms, Catechesis, Evangelization, Pre-evangelization, Re-evangelization and New evangelization. On the following day brief explanation of the Compedium of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, the Youcat and the National Catechetical Directory was elucidated. Creative tools such as drama, action songs, video clippings, different forms of prayer were taught. Liturgical symbols in catechesis and the importance of the liturgical hours were clarified. Jesus’ method of teaching faith was illustrated with numerous examples. Conscious of the challenges in today’s world, the participants were asked to plan their catechetical ministry for different target groups. Eighty five young enthusiastic sisters, catechists and four priests from the diocese of Varanasi participated in this seminar.The participants unanimously voiced the view that the Catechesis should become a vehicle for increasing faith and faith must lead to change the life-style and behaviour of the faithful.

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