Hindi Course for the Missionaries in North India and Key Board for Beginners

The course began on June 6, 2018 at 6.30 p.m. with the inaugural session in the Milan Hall. Later the participants were divided into two groups based on their knowledge of Hindi language: A-Advanced Group and B-Beginners of Basic Hindi Group. Advanced group was guided and taught by Mr. Simon Peter, who is the lecturer in St.Thomas Inter College, Shahganj; Basic Hindi Group was guided and taught by Rev. Fr. Roque  D’Costa and Sr.Laetitia, SRA, who have experience in teaching Hindi to the beginners.  . Fr. Roque was also the guide for the Benares Darshan on June 16, 2018. The methodology used for teaching was lecturing, exercises, audio-visual, skit, drama, praying and singing, loud reading and speaking, mock-marketing, etc. The participants had appreciation for the teachers as they were kind, considerate, patient, approachable,  paternal and maternal in their dealing with all. The course came to an end with a programme on the eve of June 27, 2018, for which Ronald D’Souza was the chief guest, who inspired and motivated them to continue to learn to be proficient in language..

The Electronic Key-Board Course was conducted in NavSadhana from June o6 to June 28, 2018. It was primarily aimed at the school children and parishioners to improve their skill in liturgical singing and entertainment. The Resource Person was Ms. Nitya Marie Helen, a freelance Western Music Instructor and an instructor of Western classical and choral singing.

The participants were happy to learn about the black notes, scale, chords as well keyboard function. The individual attention paid by the teacher was highly appreciated. The classes were held during the day and the personal practice went on till 10.00 p.m. which helped them play keyboard with chords during the daily liturgy. It gave impetus to learn further. Their weekly performance on the stage elevated their spirit mind and body to improve their skills further with their diligence and dedication. The programme came to an end with mellifluous music and creative skits on June 27, 2018.

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