Clergy Meeting 2

       Clergy Meeting

March 20-21,  2013       


The meeting began with a recollection talk by our beloved bishop Most Rev. Raphy Manjaly to set the background and the mood for the examination of conscience and confession before the celebration of the Chrism Mass. This is an annual practice that brings together the entire Presbyterium around its shepherd. The theme of his reflection was Eucharist.


He began by saying that the life of every priest begins in Eucharist and flows out of it. Priest is a man possessed by passionate love and zeal for God and his Church.“Their very ministry makes a special claim on them not to conform themselves to this world” [Presbyterorum Ordinis No 3].


The Holy Eucharist, Vatican II tells us, is “the source and summit of the Christian life” (Lumen Gentium, no. 11; The Eucharistic Action is the very heartbeat of the congregation of the faithful over which the priest presides.


Then Bishop underlined the five fundamental elements of the Holy Eucharist: The Assembly, the Priest, the Word of God, the Bread and Wine, and the Sacrament, around which the life of a priest is anchored. Then his Lordship went on to substantiate these concepts with examples from the living tradition of the Church. The day culminated in the Chrism Mass followed by a fellowship meal with the local Ordinary.


The Following day was dedicated to temporal life of the diocese. Bishop briefed the presbyterium of the latest developments and sought the views of the priests on the matters of concern. He sought opinion of the priests to work out maximum participation priests


He proposed the celebration of birthday of Most Rev. Patrick D’Souza, Bishop Emeritus, on April 28, 2013 to express our love and gratitude for his fatherly care and untiring zeal for the good of the diocese.


The meeting concluded with Holy Sacrifice of the Mass followed by meal and parting with the greetings of Happy Easter.