Centre for Harmony and Peace, All India Secular Forum and Indian Social Institute, New Delhi, joined together organized the CONFERENCE ON SOCIAL HARMONY at Nav Sadhana from October 20 to 21, 2013. It was well attended by Human Right Activists and Social Workers working in U.P., Bihar, Uttarakhand. Addressing the participants Prof. Anand Deepayan adumbrated that emergence of social harmony and secularism has been the fruit of Indian Freedom Struggle and sacrifice. Hence it is paramount to safeguard, to protect and to promote secular values, social harmony, equality, solidarity, fraternity, amity among citizens and to maintain unity and integrity of the Nation, which are the hall marks of the progressive nation and humanity. He further stated that secularism should not be only a matter of academic studies, but it needed to be related to life-values of the Indian labourers. The other speakers – Prof. Shahini Rizvi, Dr. Anand Tiwari, Mr. Jahangir Alam and Mr. Abdul Kalam – stressed the need of social networking, social amity and protection of progressive democracy and harmonious living of the adherents of various faith/religions.