May 30 – June 25, 2012

       The Electronic Key-Board Course was conducted in Nav Sadhana from May 30 to June 25, 2012 meant for all those who would like to learn or to perfect their skill for the use of electronic keyboard. It was primarily aimed at the school children and parishioners to improve their skill liturgical singing and entertainment. They were 18 persons all together including 9 religious sisters. The Resource Person was Mr. Nicholas Vishwas assisted by Bro.Naveen K. and Miss Sunita Kujur for liturgical singing.

        The participants were happy to learn about the scale, chords, ragas and their families. The individual attention paid by the teacher was highly appreciated. They were able to play the chords for the liturgical singing by arduous practice a week after the starting the course. It gave impetus to learn further and experienced elixir in life. The classes were held during the day and the personal practice went on till 10.00 p.m. every day. Their weekly performance on the stage with four casios or eight casios together with synchronization elevated their spirit and mind and body to improve their skills further with their diligence and dedication. Though there was constant electricity failure, it did not deter them, but made use of the available time to the cult.

         They enjoyed the hospitality and cordiality, friendship and fellowship of the Director and Staff of Nav Sadhana as well as the company of the Hindi Course participants. They were grateful for the good food and comfortable accommodation. The scourging summer heat was relentless, but the relief came with the timely rain. They came as strangers and left as camaraderie.